Compression Apparel
Rest + Recovery
Compression Apparel
Rest + Recovery

Compression Socks

For circulation, performance, stamina, and recovery

Compression Socks | High Compression

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Compression Socks | Medium Compression

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Ankle Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis

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Athletic Ankle Socks

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Team Compression Socks | Medium Compression

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Holiday Compression Socks | Medium Compression

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Personal Protective Equipment

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Weighted Blanket

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Compression Leggings

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See what our fans have to say!

These have made a WORLD of difference! Not only do my legs not swell, they help keep me pain free! I just ordered more.


Not only do we enjoy the product, Go2 is a company that appreciates their customers unlike too many that take their consumers for granted. Way 2Go Go2


[The Go2 Tote] holds it's shape very well, is stylish and can hold a great deal of irems and weight. The straps don't even hurt when it's loaded up and on my arm!


These leggings are great. They move with you and don’t slide down when you sit or exercise.


The GO2 weighted blanket is amazing! I'm so excited to come home after work and de-stress with it. The material is clearly high quality and I absolutely love the soft removable cover!


These compression sleeves have been so helpful for my ankle swelling. I suffer from edema. I put these on in the evening for 1-2 hours and keep my feet on the ottoman and I can’t believe the difference it has made.


Compression Socks

Medical professionals report wearing compression socks 3+ times a week for relief during and after a shift.

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Strong Compression for strong performance

20-30 mmHg

Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Black
  • $16.49
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Carolina Blue
  • $9.99
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Blue with White Polka Dots
  • $14.49
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Nude
  • $19.99
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Blue
  • $15.49
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Blue Argyle
  • $15.49
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | White
  • $17.49
Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Multi-Color Stripes
  • From $16.99

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Compression Socks Unisex | High Compression | Black
  • $16.49
Light Compression Leggings | High Waist Tummy Control, Smartphone Pockets, Black Full Length Yoga Pants
  • $19.95
Athletic Low Show Ankle Socks for Men and Women Black/Grey/Blue/Green 3 Pack
  • $29.99
Compression Socks Unisex | Medium Compression | Black with Multi-Color Stripes
  • $15.49
Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Sleeve Unisex | High Compression | Nude
  • $12.49
Tote Bag | Handmade Beach Bag | Durable 100% Recycled Plastic | Size: Medium
  • $75.00
Weighted Throw Blanket | 15 lb Travel Friendly Throw Size w/ Cooling Bamboo and Minky Cover
  • $74.99