3 Exercises for Busy People

3 Exercises for Busy People | Quick and Simple on The Go Workouts

Sometimes, figuring out just how you should approach your physical wellness can be a tricky challenge. With so much conflicting evidence out there and so many diet trends coming and going from year to year, you might be left wondering just how to approach maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One thing that is commonplace knowledge at this point, though, is the fact that exercise should definitely be included on your wellness priority list.

However, finding the time to exercise properly throughout the week is another challenge entirely. With hectic schedules, demanding jobs, and expensive gym memberships, many busy people are left wondering just how they can possibly stay in shape when they have so many other things going on.

The good news is that you don’t need to go to extraordinary lengths in order to achieve your wellness goals. In fact, just by making a few slight changes to your routine, you can increase the amount of exercise that you do in a day without much effort.

Here are three exercises that can fit into any routine that will help even the busiest of people to exercise more.

1. Take the Stairs

You might not have thought that something as simple as climbing a flight or two of stairs would constitute as exercise, but it does! When you make the switch from the elevator to the stairs, you can burn an additional 2 calories for every 12 stairs you climb. Throughout the course of a week, that number can really add up. Moreover, climbing stairs activates many muscles in your lower body that you would otherwise leave resting if you opted for the elevator. Switch to the stairs to achieve a bit more tone without having to hit the gym.

2. Stretch More Often

One thing that pretty much everyone can and should do more frequently is stretch. This is particularly true for those who spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk all day. When you spend a great deal of time sitting, your muscles become stiff and achy. Stretching not only loosens them up but also promotes circulation throughout your body. This can help you avoid injury and feel more refreshed throughout the day. Plus, this is something you can do no matter where you are.

3. Walk It Out

If you are a busy person, often the act of actually going to the gym can take too much time out of your day. Packing a bag, getting changed, and driving to the gym (as well as driving home) can all eat up a great deal of time. That means that even if you were only planning on a 20-minute workout, your overall gym excursion might take over 40 minutes in total. Instead of going through the hassle, you can get the activity you need by simply going on a brisk walk. Plan your route so as to end up back where you started, and you will lose no time in getting the exercise that you need.