Popular Gifts for 2020

Popular Gifts for 2020 | Athletic Gift | Gifts for Nurses and Athletes

If you’ve never tried compression apparel or products before or know someone who hasn’t, the 2020 holiday season is a great time to give it a try. That’s because this year consumers have more options than ever for compression socks, compression leggings, weighted blankets and recycled totes - whether getting them for themselves or as a gift.

Once you’ve looked at the athletic gift ideas below, your next step is to find out what compression level is best for you. Also, when choosing between socks and leggings, first determine where the issue, such as swelling, is occurring. If it’s in the foot or ankle, then an ankle sleeve should do. If it’s at or above the knee, go with a thigh-high or waist-high compression stocking.

Here’s a closer look at some great gift ideas.

Go2 Low Show Socks

Running Socks

The “low show” design from Go2 offers a lot of benefits to runners’ feet. They keep moisture away from the foot as your run. They also have a heel tab that provides comfort to the ankle and protects your foot from blisters. The perfect athletic gift for those in your circle who love to run or workout.

Holiday Sock Ideas

Compression Socks

These are the socks that come all the way to your knee. They also are used by runners and other athletes. Go2 offers them in many different styles and patterns, giving a fashionable look to a sock that also helps blood circulation and supports muscles for those who must sit or stand for long periods of time. This is a great gift for nurses and others who are on their feet for long periods of time. We’ve even got holiday compression socks for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ankle Sleeves

Ankle Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis

These ankle sleeves are designed specifically to help relieve pressure on the fascia, the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot, connecting the heel to your toes. The fascia becomes Inflamed when you have a condition called plantar fasciitis. It typically causes a lot of sharp pain in the heel, especially when you first get up in the morning and take your first few steps. It’s a condition that especially impacts those who must stand a lot throughout their day. Like the socks, these ankle sleeves come in many different colors and styles.

Compression Leggings

These leggings go all the way to the waist and come with a smartphone pocket and a waist control top. It’s the perfect gift for those who want the benefits of compression leggings while on the go. Compression leggings improve blood flow throughout the leg, helping keep blood cells oxygenated and preventing swelling and varicose veins. 

Weighted Blanket

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the keys to good health. A weighted blanket helps you sleep better by applying just the right amount of pressure to your body. It helps you fall into a deeper, more peaceful slumber. Our 15-pound blanket has helped many customers, even those who haven’t slept well in years, finally get a good night’s sleep.

Recycled Totes

These fashionable totes can also take the punishment. Sustainable and made from recycled materials, they work at the beach, gym, playground with the kids or on beach vacations. They have plenty of room to carry many items, making them work perfectly well for the office, too. These totes will make you rethink what you use to carry your stuff around.

These are just some of the holiday gift ideas you can find from Go2. Our products can help you maintain better health, improve your athletic performance, protect your body and even help you sleep better at night. If you’ve never tried compression products before, this is a great time to try.