Recovery Compression Socks

Recovery Compression Socks | Best Post Workout Compression Apparel

Recovery compression socks can speed up the time needed for muscles to recover after a workout. Go2 offers a wide variety of workout compression apparel to support a quicker recovery, including compression socks, athletic socks, compression ankle sleeves and compression leggings.

For most people who workout, it’s a great feeling to push themselves. But many pay the price later when they feel the ache in their muscles, especially in the legs and feet. 

Recovery compression socks directly address that issue, improving circulation, preventing inflammation, reducing chafing, speeding up post-workout recovery and giving a boost to athletic performance. They help tired, sore muscles recover faster post-workout.

Choosing The Right Compression Socks

When looking for the most effective recovery compression socks, it’s important to get apparel that best addresses your needs. That includes finding socks with a snug fit and the right level of compression.

Compression socks come in ankle socks and knee socks. The longer socks are perfect for those who want to improve circulation, thereby getting more oxygen to the leg muscles.

Ankle athletic socks improve performance and reduce the risk of developing blisters on the feet. Runners use these socks, as do golfers and hikers.

Choosing the Right Compression Levels

Go2 socks come in two compression levels that work best in different situations. Mild compression provides 15-20 mmHg, which is a good level for recovery, as well as daily wear, minor swelling and tired legs. Many also use mild compression level socks or leggings during plane travel when they might have to sit in the same position for many hours.

Firm compression provides 20-30 mmHg, which is perfect for more intense levels of workout. They can improve recovery time for those who push themselves during workouts. 

Compression Leggings and Ankle Sleeves

Additionally, compression leggings and ankle sleeves provide support during workouts and help with recovery time.

Ankle sleeves provide extra support for the ankle, improving blood flow to the feet and better delivery oxygen to muscles. Those with plantar fasciitis use ankle sleeves to relieve pressure on the bottom of the foot.

Compression leggings improve circulation throughout the entire leg. They work well as post-workout clothes because they apply gentle pressure to the muscles, relaxing them and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to speed leg muscle recovery. They also are stylish and can be worn anywhere!

Just as with compression socks, leggings and ankle sleeves help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury during a workout. They improve post-workout muscle recovery.

Recovery compression socks help you stay consistent with your workouts, helping you to better reach your fitness goals. They have become a popular and needed addition to athletic wear for athletes, those who workout, runners and those who have jobs that require them to sit or stand for long periods.