10 Most Popular Marathons in the US

10 Most Popular Marathons in the US | Best Marathons in The US

When you are trying to find your fitness goals, it can help to have an end game in mind. By having something to work towards, you can help yourself to stay motivated and on track throughout your fitness journey. One popular goal that many people take upon themselves is to be able to run in and complete a marathon.

Marathons are 26.2 miles long and can take around four or five hours to complete. By working up to the ability to complete one, you can drastically improve your fitness level and reach your goals.

Here are ten of the most popular marathons held in the US every year that you can choose from so as to reach your own fitness goals.

1. The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is arguably one of the most well-known marathons held in the US each year. The marathon sees 27,000 runners take the streets of Boston in order to compete in the oldest race of its kind in America.

2. The New York City Marathon

The annual New York City Marathon is the largest race of its kind in the world, with over 52,000 finishers. The course takes runners through all five boroughs of the Big Apple for a race that is truly unique.

3. The Chicago Marathon

The Windy City is home to another of the world marathon majors. This competitive race caps its entries at 45,000, and in order to have your time officially counted, you must finish in under six and a half hours.

4. The Marine Corps Marathon

Also known as the People’s Marathon, this race held in Washington, D.C., is the largest race of its kind that doesn’t offer prize money to the winners. All runners above the age of 14 are allowed to compete in this display of patriotism and goodwill within the community.

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5. Big Sur Marathon

One race that is just as scenic as it is challenging is the Big Sur Marathon that takes runners along the gorgeous California coastline. Be ready for some steep inclines to accompany those ocean views as you trek along Highway 1.

6. The Honolulu Marathon

Another race that affords runners some priceless views of pristine natural beauty is the Honolulu Marathon. This race will take you across some of Hawaii’s beautiful terrain and coastlines and ends with a big bash on the world-famous Waikiki Beach.

7. The Walt Disney World Marathon

The “Happiest Place on Earth” is also home to a truly unique race that takes runners throughout the famed theme park. The course weaves through the iconic Disney castles as well as other well-known parts of the park.

8. The Los Angeles Marathon

The California sunshine makes Los Angeles an excellent home for one of the top marathons in the country. Over 19,000 runners race through the streets of LA passing many of its most famous landmarks.

9. Rock’n’roll San Diego Marathon

A truly fun experience all around, this race was the first to be created within the Rock’n’roll series. You can embrace the spirit of the event by running in polka dot socks for a standout performance.

10. The Twin-Cities Marathon

This race is considered to be the most beautiful urban marathon in America. With scenic views of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, this race is truly one of a kind.