5 Cycling Tips for Beginners

5 Cycling Tips for Beginners | How Do I Get Better at Cycling?

If you’ve decided to try cycling as a new way to get regular exercise, you’ve made a great choice. Your decision to start with cycling will go more smoothly if you follow cycling tips for beginners that include getting the seat height right, learning how to fix a flat, not going overboard with gear, protecting your legs and feet, and keeping up with bike maintenance.

Cycling offers a great way to get fit for beginners. While there are some initial costs upfront, it’s not prohibitively expensive. It’s also one of most fun ways you can get regular exercise and maintain good health (experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day). 

Most people just jump right into cycling, and that’s fine. But some tips can help you get off to a good start.

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Tips To Begin, Get Better at Cycling

Starting and then getting better at cycling requires discipline and sticking to a good routine. These quick cycling tips can get your new biking adventure off to a great start.

Get the Seat Height Right

Having the right seat height will help you avoid strain on your back and legs. For example, a set seat set too low can lead to pain in the front of your knee. Your seat height is the distance between the bottom bracket and the top of your seat. It should be close to your inseam (measured in centimeters) multiplied by 0.883.

Learn How to Fix a Flat

Make sure you have a repair kit with your bike and that you know the correct way to fix a flat as well as how to use a pump, patches, etc. Practice at home until you get comfortable with the process. That way you won’t find yourself far from home with no idea how to fix your flat. That’s a scene that ends with you carrying a bike a long distance.

Start With The Basics

Like every kind of hobby or exercise, people who are really into cycling can get a little crazy with the gear. It’s great to have high-end stuff and you may one day upgrade. But for now, just focus on having a solid, safe bike to ride and get out there regularly. You’ll figure out soon enough whether you want clipped in shoes and other high-end bike gear. The area where you do want all the best gear from the start is safety equipment, including the latest in bike helmets.

Protect Your Feet and Legs

Compression socks and leggings can help you maximize your performance while biking. By keeping circulation strong, they also can help you avoid muscle aches and pains. Also consider wearing moisture wicking socks that can keep your feet dry and prevent them from slipping around in your sneakers.

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Keep Up With Maintenance

Keeping up with bike maintenance is something you want to practice from the start. That includes issues such as:

  • Inspecting tires regularly for wear and tear so you can replace them before a blowout
  • Keeping tires at the proper level of inflation
  • Keeping brakes strong - they should completely stop your bike from rolling forward, not gradually slow the tire’s spinning
  • Keep the chain lubed
  • Invert the bike and spin the tires every few weeks or so to ensure that they are not wobbling or brushing against the brakes
Cycling is a safe, healthy and fun way to get exercise and see the world in a whole new way. Keep these cycling tips in mind as you start on your new adventure. They’ll help you enjoy being on your bike and help you get better at cycling.