Compression Socks for Men

Compression Socks for Men | Benefits and Reviews of Compression Socks

For some, the idea of wearing compression socks may conjure up images of your grandmother wearing those awesome nude compression socks to treat her varicose and spider veins.

Those are the compression socks of the past. Fret not, gentlemen! We have stylish (and more importantly, functional) socks that will improve your workout, workday, or make you feel like a rock star on a long haul flight!

What Compression Socks Do

Compression socks are designed to hug tightly to your feet, ankles, and legs. They are called “graduated” support socks because the pressure they apply gradually lessens from your foot up your legs in order to facilitate the way back up for your blood to return to the rest of your body.

Have you experienced swollen feet and ankles after a long day of sitting or standing? That may be a sign that compression socks could benefit you. Those long hours on your feet at work, on the golf course, running a marathon, or enjoying a family vacation could be improved with the addition of a pair of compression socks!


We have two levels of compression, high compression and medium compression. If you aren't sure which compression socks are right for you, there's a "find your fit" guide just for you!

What Our Fans Are Saying About Us

Do you want to know more from men who wore our compression socks and loved them? Check out this blog post from Back in the Fairway or this post from Best Physical Therapy Reviews. Both go into great detail on why they chose to add compression socks to their wardrobe, and why they love them in action.

You don’t need a prescription to buy them, but people do wear them for medical reasons. If you are questioning whether or not compression socks are for you, you should give your doctor a call.

Don’t forget, our socks have unisex sizing! Ladies love us, too. Check out this post to see why women love our compression socks!

Do you prefer short socks? We also have running socks for athletic and everyday wear, and plantar fasciitis socks to relieve ankle, arch, and foot pain.