Compression Socks For Women

Compression Socks for Women | Pregnancy, Travel, Fitness, Dancing

LADIES! Meet your new bff: compression.

We do SO MUCH, and sometimes our bodies don’t agree with our busy lifestyles.

That’s why you need to not only dress to impress, but dress to triumph! The benefits of wearing compression stockings are astonishing. The high-quality materials that we use applies therapeutic pressure throughout your day that increases the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to tired legs.

So what exactly does that mean for you?


Hard at Work

Whether you stand or sit all day, there is a fun pair of graduated compression socks just waiting to make your work day better. Our compression socks for nurses, surgeons, expecting mothers, teachers, runners, hikers, CEO’s, receptionists, and so many more. Our socks are as diverse as our clientele. And at the end of your long day, your legs will be thanking you


On the Town

Now, I don’t mean slip on that LBD (little black dress) and pair it with a ~spicy~ pair of compression socks (although if you do, you will feel amazing going back home at 1 am…or 8pm… Whatever floats your boat). Compression socks can be added to your everyday wardrobe or recovery routine! 

Do you have to grocery shop for a small army in addition to running the kids to school, going the optometrist, doing yoga, all while maintaining a full time job? Being on your feet for hours can not only cause you mental exhaustion, but physical. Compression stockings relieve and even prevent swelling and edema in lower legs and feet. The best ones to wear are knee high types, and for every day wear we recommend the our medium compression line.



Carrying another life around day and night can cause major stress! Pregnant women have been reported to walk and work better because these socks will help promote and improve blood flow and increase circulation in your hard working legs and feet. Compression socks for pregnancy can relieve pain in the knees and legs.

Now, if you are further along in your pregnancy, compression socks may be a little more tricky to put on! Check out our ankle sleeves! They help reduce the swelling you are likely experiencing in your feet and ankles. Purchase a pair and experience immediate relief!


See the Sights

It is no secret that exploring the world (or your city) is exciting and eye opening…but it can also be tiring. Spend your day at a theme park, strolling around Times Square, biking around Rome, or skiing the Alps…we are here to get you where you want to go. Don’t forget to stick them in your carryon! Compression socks are perfect traveling companions. They keep you energized and ready to see everything.


Bust a Move

We are based out of Texas, so we know a thing or two about busting a move. Whether you buy compression socks for dancing, or compression socks for running, let us be your Go2 brand (pun definitely intended). Did you know that line dancing is best done with compression socks between you and your boots? They are also regularly purchased and worn by athletes! Not just runners, but also hikers, mountain climbers, and cyclists wear compression garments and stockings to enhance their performance. They will not feel fatigued easily and are more likely to last longer and finish the course if they are wearing our socks. For athletes, we recommend the high graduated compression socks

You may think that wearing tall compression socks will make you hot, but the results are quite the contrary! The materials keep you cool when you are hot, yet warm when the temperatures are low.



So ladies, #SpiceUpYourSocksLife and add your favorite pair (or five) to your cart! Please reach out to us with any questions or comments!

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