Who Should Wear Compression Apparel?

Who Should Wear Compression Apparel? | Sedentary Lifestyle Tips

Compression apparel is a type of clothing that is designed with circulation in mind. By applying light pressure to the muscles in the legs, compression socks and leggings boost circulation and thus aid the fast recovery of your muscles. While you might assume that such apparel is reserved for those who engage in intense physical activity on a regular basis, you might be surprised to learn that even those who don’t lead a particularly active lifestyle can benefit from using compression apparel.

Another aspect of compression apparel that you might not be aware of has to do with the variety of products that are available. From ankle socks to full-coverage leggings as well as some products designed for your arms, there is a piece of compression apparel that can help you with your recovery or soreness.

Here are just a few types of people who would benefit greatly from adding the use of compression apparel into their overall physical wellness regimen.


The popularity of compression apparel among athletes cannot be denied. Many athletes prefer to use compression socks when they are focusing on recovery after intense workouts, practices, or matches. So, what are compression socks exactly? They are pieces of compression apparel that specifically target your feet, ankles, and calves. If an athlete has a particular area of discomfort that they would like to target, they might wish to try out a certain length of sock that suits their needs.

The constant demand that athletes place on their muscles and joints leaves them prone to becoming stiff and achy. By using compression apparel, they can use the pressure that such pieces provide to increase circulation, thus decreasing pain and stiffness. When circulation is promoted, muscles are better able to heal and repair themselves after the demands of the day.

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Anyone Who Sits for Prolonged Periods

Although compression apparel appeals to athletes for obvious reasons, you don’t have to lead an intensely active lifestyle in order to reap the benefits of compression apparel. In fact, if you are in a line of work that requires you to remain seated for prolonged periods of time during the day, you should definitely consider using compression socks to help improve your circulation.

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When you remain seated for a long time, your muscles become stiff from disuse. In many cases, stiffened muscles make one more prone to injury even when performing the simplest of daily tasks. Moreover, sitting for a consistently long time can decrease the overall circulation in your body. Such a scenario can make it difficult for not only the muscles in your body to get the blood flow that they need, but also your organs, joints, and ligaments.

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This can lead to some health complications that have to do with more than just your muscles. However, if you wear compression leggings, you can help promote an overall state of physical wellness for yourself and avoid such medical issues that can arise from poor circulation. With this in mind, it is safe to say that pretty much anyone, regardless of activity level, could benefit from the use of compression apparel.