How to Correct Your Posture

How to Correct Your Posture | Daily Exercises for Better Posture

Our bodies go through a lot every day, and that includes holding us up. Our muscles are always working to keep us grounded and ensure we’re not putting too much pressure on our bones and organs. However, daily routines and those bad habits start to creep in. Before you know it, achy muscles and stiffness become a regular occurrence.

Some of the main culprits of wear and tear on the body is sitting at computers all day or being on your feet for prolonged periods. These slowly affect your spine and muscles, and it might take some time to rectify the situation.

To help you correct your posture, take a look at some of the ways to get back on track.

Check Your Posture

As your posture gets worse, it can become a part of how you stand and sit in everyday life. To check if your posture has gotten worse over the years, you can do a quick check by standing against a wall. Professionals say there should be less than two inches between the wall and your back and neck.

Posture Awareness

One of the most significant ways to correct posture is to become aware of your alignment. If you find yourself slouching, then make an effort to correct your positioning. It can be natural to slump over without realizing it throughout the day. So every hour, check how you’re sitting or standing to help prevent poor posture.

Move Every 20 Minutes

If you find yourself standing or sitting in the same position for prolonged periods, this will impact your posture. Set yourself a small task of moving every 20 minutes to help stretch your muscles and straighten your back. It doesn’t have to be a long break, but small movements can build strength in the long term.

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How to Avoid Poor posture

We do some things during the day that contribute to poor posture, and sometimes we’re not aware we even do them. To avoid aches, pains, and stiffness, try not to cross your legs when sitting and avoid slouching at your desk. Other aspects to think about include reducing bending at the waist (always at the knees) and avoid looking down at your phone throughout the day – bring it to eye level instead.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a great way to strengthen the muscles and help improve overall posture. Yoga classes can be done at home via YouTube videos, and there are many practices available, including for beginners, prenatal yoga and advanced sessions. The poses carried out during lessons will improve your core strength and muscles and give you time to relax and unwind.

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Develop a Routine

To help you correct posture in the long term, developing a routine is essential. Improving posture is not a quick fix and can take some time to realign your body. Incorporating awareness, exercise, and making a small adjustment in your lifestyle will help counteract the ill effects of poor posture for improved health.

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